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Cleansing is the first step of any skincare routine, cleansing the skin daily will help remove traces of unwanted excess oils, dirt makeup, and environmental residue. Without cleansing, debris and grime will settle on the surface of the skin, leading to textural issues and making it prone to breakouts and sensitivity. Cleansing maintains the proper pH of the skin, important for optimal hydration. The skin produces sebum that in turn protects it, though, if there is dirt and grime build-up on the surface, the follicles can get blocked, clogging the pores and giving the skin a dull appearance, once this happens, bacteria can penetrate the follicle, causing acne. When the skin is properly cleansed and other products and treatments can be absorbed properly into the skin.

This type of cleanser does exactly what it says in its name, once applied to damp skin, and given a little massage, it foams up and nourishes the surface of the skin. Foam cleansers are lightweight and are known for their foamy lather (hence the name) creating properties produced by the surfactant ingredients, which are surface-active agents responsible for creating the foam. Ideal for removing oils, layers of build-up, and even hard-to-wash-off sunscreen. The foam is activated with water, when added to the cleanser it forms into a lather, as this foaming action is quite intense, it is great for all skin types but oily skin types in particular.

Foaming cleansers function very much like soap for the skin but gentler, thoroughly cleanses the skin of any build-up, foam cleansers gently exfoliate the surface of the skin while removing any impurities from the surface of the face to reveal softer, smoother skin. The fluffy foam carries all the nutrient-rich properties from the ingredients to enter deep into the pores of the skin to draw out any impurities, leaving the skin super soft and clean.

Fruit extract cleansers help firm the skin and ensure the properties of the other ingredients are absorbed well for maximum efficacy. Fruit extracts are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that fight pollution and deliver long-lasting hydration. Harnessing naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and enzymes to mildly exfoliate and clarify your pores, fruit extract cleansers leave the skin well balanced, clarified and refreshed.

Ultra-Hygienic, unlike nylon cleansing tools, silicone brushes are non-porous, meaning they are resistant to bacterial build-up, perfect for thoroughly cleansing the skin. Elevating your cleansing routine, the silicone brush is the most hygienic material available when it comes to cleansing tools, breaking down dirt and oil from deep within the pores.

The Washabrush cleansing tool helps you get a deeper clean while providing some exfoliation, thoroughly removing impurities and flaky, dead skin from the surface of your face. Our innovative brush and foam all in one, Washabrush cleansing tool, pushes out the foam cleanser directly onto your skin for easy application from the silicone brush head, for the perfect cleanse! It works by dislodging make-up and impurities from the skin more effectively than simply using your fingertips. All the day’s dirt and grime are lifted from your skin so any products that follow are absorbed more effectively and efficiently.

Our fruit extract cleansers work into a rich foam to lift away pore-clogging impurities. The airy foam from our cleansing range will never strip your skin of its healthy, natural oils, courtesy of our proprietary blend of powerful fruit extracts with antioxidant properties to boost skin tone. The mild alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), fruit enzymes, and botanical extracts help with cell renewal and turnover while keeping your skin supple and soft the whole way through a cleansing routine.

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